Each Non-Profit Partner Gets

  • 100% of all pledges and donations raised
  • 80% of all sponsorship funds raised by your Non- Profit.
  • 50% of runner registration fees
  • 10% of ICC Sevathon sponsorship funds
  • Booth on event day* ( 20 Registrations required )
  • High visibility (over 5000 attendees and media exposure)
* Based on number of participants registered. Details in the Partner Terms and Procedures

Enroll and fundraise in 3 easy steps

Register your Non-Profit
Partner Terms and Procedures
Submit to complete account setup
  1. Proof of valid IRS 501 (c) (3) status
  2. Completed IRS form W-9 to send 1099s and funds
  3. High resolution logo
  4. Two volunteers for fundraising and runner registrations
Recruit runners and raise funds
  1. Share cause links in all media
  2. Market using social media, emails, flyers etc.
  3. Runner pledge pages and sponsorships

Non-Profit Causes